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As a mortgage agent, my job is to help you find the best mortgage for your financial situation. I can help you achieve that goal because I work with the major banks as well as mortgage companies. You will always have more options and choices when choosing your mortgage because mortgage brokers are usually paid a finders fee directly from the banks and lending institutions. This allows you to receive pro-bono services from your mortgage agent. Together we will find the best product with the lowest rate for your needs. That’s the job of mortgage agents and mortgage brokers.

My services are free because I work for you not the banks.

Because I don’t work directly for any one bank in particular, we have the option of to find you the best rate and mortgage product available out there. You don’t have to negotiate, that’s what I do as a mortgage professional providing services to you.

I am one of the licensed mortgage agents with FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario) so you can be assured that my services to you are completely unbiased. There are many legal requirements that I must comply with and one of the most important to you is that I must always act in the best interest of the borrower (you), not the lender or myself, when selecting the best mortgage product for you. That’s the requirements of mortgage agents and mortgage brokers.

Margie is one of the licensed mortgage agents (FSCO Lic #M15000464) working with mortgage brokers Mortgage Allies (FSCO Lic #12358).